Saturday, November 2, 2013

2x1 Día de Muertos Nail Art

Hello dear readers!

Today I will be showing you two different Día de muertos (Day of the dead) nail art in the same post ;)
I wanted to try a more traditional one and a simpler one, but with a similar theme.

More detailed pictures and details below....

As I wrote on my día de muertos post from last year, Nov. 1st (children) and Nov. 2nd (adults) are days for Mexicans to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us. We prepare an altar with elements such as fruits, food, and other elements that are supposed to guide the spirit of our loved one to us and then back to the afterlife.
(A  traditional día de muertos altar)

Now, this theme translated to nail art...

*I added the dead lovers as the center of this nail art as a symbol of love after death. 
Absence does not mean forgetting.
There will always be a very special place in our hearts for those who have gone before us.

For this manicure, I started with China Glaze - Howl you Doin' as the base. Then, I stamped the lover's skeletons, papel picado (cut paper) pattern, crosses and candles from HD C and HD D plates.
I painted the skeletons using the stamping decal technique.
On my thumb, I applied a combination of stamping sugar skulls and added flower stickers for extra decoration.
*In Mexico, calaveras de azúcar (sugar skulls) are given as a treat for this celebration or as part of the altar. When given to a friend or relative, the name of the receiver is usually written on the skulls forehead. 

Now, the 2nd nail art theme is death as part of life itself.
It is a fact that many people don't like to think about because it may sound gruesome or sad.
The day we are born, we have started a journey that will finish with death.

A part of a dancing skeleton stamped on my nail...
The skeleton is probably mocking us, saying "Cómo me ves, te verás"
(The way you see me now, sooner or later you will look like me).

I hope you liked any of these two nail art that I made for this very special post.
I had to take some time to write something meaningful for this day because this festivity is very close to my heart. So, if you took your time to read through this post, I hope you've learned a little bit about día de muertos.

♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥


  1. *Dies* While they are all amazing, I'm just blown away by the sugar skull finger!

  2. Such an art! I love each nail design you've created! <3

  3. Me encantan. Lucen genial los diseños en tus uñas, porque se ven completos al llevarlas tan largas. ¡Qué envidia! jeje

    Como te digo, una manicura perfecta y preciosa :)

  4. I absolutely love those sugar skulls!! OMG!! So pretty! I also love the dancing skeleton! How cute!!!

  5. Each and every nail look so pretty <3 you're really amazing hun!

  6. What a comforting celebration! Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us. <3

    Your nails always look awesome!

  7. Amazing intricate work. So skillfully accomplished. And thanks for the insight on the holiday, I did not understand the two parts.

  8. These are incredible! I love the day of the dead so much (and of course that its on my birthday lol). Amazing!


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