Friday, December 30, 2011

My Christmas Nails (I know it's late... ^_^' )

Sorry for this late Christmas greeting, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

This my Christmas manicure, I did it on the 23rd and I'm still wearing it... I'm too lazy when it comes to changing  nail polish/nail art. 
As you can see, I stamped Christmas patterns and painted a Santa Claus on my thumb nail.
I used nail stamp plates: XL K (not the magnonails, for the index and ring finger) QA 15 & QA 19 (for the middle finger) and XL I (not magnonails for the pinky).

The Santa Claus design was inspired by Mini Nail Blog tutorial
My Santa Claus looks a bit weird because my nails are a little too long...but my 3yr old niece was very happy looking at this nail, I must have done a good job then :)

The other nails were inspired by Christmas themes, for example, the index and ring nail remind me of gift wrap patterns, the pinky nail is a candy cane and the middle finger nail was inspired by those Christmas knit sweaters (picture below).

Not me...just a funny picture I found on Google, it proves my point on the "beloved" Christmas sweater...
Found picture here

My phrase is: "All I got for Christmas is this fugly nail art" hahaha

What did you get this christmas?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My First Franken - picture heavy ; )

Hello dear readers!
It is been a couple of weeks since the last time I posted. I was busy with school (final exams, assignments...). Now I'm officially on vacation  since last Friday. I haven't done anything on my nails because I don't feel like it... I've been feeling a bit down since I finish my semester. It is weird, when I'm in school, I want to take some time off and now that I'm on vacation, I miss school : (  I guess I've been studying nonstop so much that I got used to it, hahaha

Today, I want to show you my first franken polish, it is not like the Spectraflair top coat that I just added the pigment to clear polish...This time I mixed a bunch of nail polishes and glitters.
More pictures below:

It all started as an accident, I wanted to add some holographic shine to a Japanese nail polish that I never got to use (my mom did ^_^), but I guess the color was too sheer because it turned out grey in color... I thought I had ruined my precious Japanese nail polish, and the only way to fix it was to add some color to it.

*For this franken polish I used some drops of:
Borghese - Clear
China Glaze - Millennium
Kleancolor - Neon Pink
Kleancolor - Pearl Fuchsia
Kleancolor - Metallic Pink
Sally Hansen - Sweetheart
*Then, I added A few tiny scoops of :
Spectraflair --of course ;)
Fantasy Makers glitter - Glitz (silver holographic)
Squared translucent glitter

I mixed and swatched until I was happy with the opacity and color and here is the result:
This is the bottle, isn't it pretty?

Here you can see the color and glitter in more detail:
Here is the nail polish on my nails:

This is the nail polish that I'm currently wearing... since almost 3 weeks! I'm surprised that it has not chipped yet, I love it ;)

What do you think of my first real franken? Your comments are always welcome :)
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