Friday, March 29, 2013

Sakura Bunny

Hello dear readers!

Easter is a couple days away and I was planning nail art for this occasion. I was thinking about Easter eggs, peeps or chocolate bunnies. When I decided that I wanted to include bunnies into the design, the image of bunnies viewing cherry blossoms was the first thing that came to my mind. The Japanese culture lover that I am could not resist doing another nail art inspired in this beautiful symbol of  Japan

For those who may not know it, 花見 hanami (flower viewing) is a Japanese tradition in which people gather and eat under a cherry blossom tree to observe the ephemeral beauty of sakura. 

(Pictures can be enlarged)
Here's what I used for this nail art:
-Base: OPI Venus di Violet
-Stamping plates: XL O (for background) QA21 (tree branches) and HD A & B (bunnies)
-Stamping nail polishes: Ulta - Grape Escape, Kleancolor - Dark Brown and Verity - White
-Cherry blossom nail stickers

Falling in love...

I hope you like this manicure as much as I did ;)

♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥

Thursday, March 21, 2013

OPI St. Petersburgundy - Review and Swatches

Hello dear readers!

Today I would like to show you swatches of OPI St. Petersburgundy that I wore a couple weeks ago.
Red is not a color I wear that often, probably once a year at most, but a friend of mine suggested that I should wear a red nail polish more often because it's supposed to look more sexy ;) ... anyway, I tried to be more daring and wore this nail polish without any nail art.

St. Petersburgundy is a nail polish that I bought from a blogsale. 
(Click here for a post about this haul)
It belongs to the 2007 OPI Russian collection.

Now onto the review... This is a dark red color that is very sheer, jelly like. I had to apply 3 coats for opacity. I couldn't wait to let dry in between coats and it resulted in serious bubbling... it was my fault though, not the formula. 

Extra pics...

Ladies, do you wear red nail polish more often than me? 

♥ ♥Thank you so much for reading♥ ♥

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Challenge: Crazy Neons

I'm back again!

As always, I seem to take breaks in between posts. I've received very nice and encouraging emails from long nail lovers... All I have to say is Thank you so much!
I sincerely appreciate every lovely message. I have more manicures and swatches for upcoming posts ;)

This is a belated post that I was supposed to post around Feb. 17th for the Crazy Neons challenge on FB group AIS.

As I told you, this is a manicure from a month ago, as of now, my nails are even longer :p It is getting more and more difficult to stamp a full nail design on my nails...

For this manicure I used:
Base: Barry M Gelly - Grapefruit
Stamping: Kleancolor - Black
Stamping plate: HD B

I hope you like this nail art.
♥♥Thank you so much for reading and for leaving a comment♥♥

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