Monday, March 31, 2014

Congratulations to the winners!!

Hello dear readers!

As of march 27th, the winners were announced through the Rafflecopter app. on the giveaway post.

Congratulations to Shayleen, Kara and Amie!
The three of them were notified by email on March 27th, but Shayleen, the winner of the 1st prize has not responded yet. If I don't receive a reply by Friday, I will draw another winner.

2 of the prizes were shipped out today

Thank you for participating. Stay tuned! I will continue doing more giveaways ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

OPI Chic from Ears to Tail + OPI Mini Haul

Hello dear readers! I decided to take a short break from blogging while the giveaway takes place. If you haven't done so yet, it ends in 3 days. You can enter here. It's open internationally. *Also, I wanted to clarify if there's no space to put your email on the 1st entry, and you used FB, it will add your e-mail automatically  ;)

Now back to the subject... I wanted to show some swatches of OPI - Chic from Ears to Tail that I used it as the base for my Love, Love, Love nail art last Valentine's Day.
I also want to show you an OPI mini haul from when I purchased this color.

More details below...

Chic from Ears to tail is a nice bubble gum pink color. It is part of the Couture de Minnie collection.

 Application-wise it was easy to work but it was very sheer. I used 3 coats to get this opacity.

Other than that, it applied smoothly as you can see. I didn't find any problem with streaks, or bald spots. Still, I would have preferred that the formula was more pigmented.

Now onto the haul...
A few weeks ago, I went shopping to Marshalls. If you live in the US, you probably heard of it. I like to go shopping for clothes there once in a while. The beauty section is not so appealing to me, at least on previous times.
That was until I found a bunch of OPI nail polish at a very good price. As you can see on the very 1st pic of this post, these nail polishes came on 2-pack boxes and there were many colors to choose from. I only grabbed 3 boxes because I already owned some of the colors available or I didn't like them...

From left to right: A Butterfly Moment, Sprung (both from Mariah Carey collection), Lights of Emerald City (from Oz the Great and Powerful collection).

From left to right: Chic from Ears to Tail (from Couture de Minnie collection), When Monkeys Fly!, What Wizardry is this? (both from Oz the Great and Powerful collection).

A good bargain 7.99 + tax for 2, considering that they can retail up to $9 each in stores.
I love when I can get nail polishes at a bargain price...they just look so much prettier :D

I also wanted to point out that when I saw "When Monkeys Fly!" swatches when the Oz collection just came out, many were complaining that the big gold glitters were curled up or "taco" glitter as it is also called. I guess, I was lucky enough to find a perfectly nice bottle of this glitter goodness ;)

I hope you liked this post... I'll try to post hauls more often, it's more fun when you have somebody to share these with, right? At least, I enjoy looking at other blogger's haul posts.

Ah, and don't forget to enter the giveaway! ;)

♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥
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