Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My 1st Attemp at Water Marble Nail Art

Hello dear readers!

Today, I'm excited to show you my first attempt at water marbling :) I know I'm years too late to try this trend. In my case, this was not as easy as it seems... you have to choose the right nail polishes otherwise, you'll end up with a blob of polish on the bottom of the cup of water... it happened to to me before :'( and for this reason, I thought trying more would be a waste of time and precious nail polish.

I have to admit that I love to watch water marble YouTube videos (I find them relaxing for some strange reason). The whole process is fascinating and the end results amazing. I know this manicure is not spectacular as many other water marbles out there... but, bear with me... it's only my 1st attempt ;)

For this manicure, I used three China Glaze nail polishes from the Avant Garden collection: Passion for Petals, Fancy Pants and Dandy Lyin' Around. The base of this manicure is Passion for Petals as well. I found that most China Glaze nail polishes are good for water marbling.

As you can see, the swirls of nail polish are not as much. This is because I was experimenting and I just added a few drops of each color in case I failed... but in the end, I really like the randomness of the lines.
Have you tried water marbling? What do you think of my first attempt?
♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black Lace and French Manicure and How to

Hello dear readers:

The nail art I'm posting today is a remake of something I already did once before I started this nail blog. It is a combination of French manicure and lace. Details on how I did it below:

I started with one layer of basecoat. Using Kleancolor in black, I painted French tips using the nail polish brush. I didn't use adhesive guides this time. I think it looks better if I use my natural nail smile lines as my guide.

I stamped on top of the nail bed area with a lace pattern from A40 stamping plate using Kleancolor black as the stamping polish. I wanted to give this manicure a bit more glam so I added one layer of a glitter nail polish on top of the French tip.

What do you think of the combination of lace and French manicure?

♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holographic Skittle Manicure and Stamping

Hello dear readers!

This is my first post after my painful thumbnail breakage... as you can see, I managed to keep some length.

It's been months since I purchased my Color Club Halo Hues collection and still they were sitting unused in a dark corner of my nail polish drawer. This time I thought it was a good idea to put 5 of them to good use and do a skittle manicure.

The Color Club colors that I used are as pictured on the pic below from left to right:
 Cosmic Fate, Over the Moon, Kismet, Eternal Beauty, and Angel Kiss

I stamped a pattern from my Bunny Nails HD-A plate using Kleancolor black.

Both of my hands, can you believe I took this pic myself? :-)

What do you think of my attempt on the skittle manicure?
♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Accidents happen...

After a few months keeping my nail length intact, this was an accident waiting to happen...

For those interested, I'll tell you what happened:

I was trying on some skinny jeans in the dressing room of  Forever 21. I had not difficulty putting them on or closing the button. (With this length, I guess it's must be hard for you to imagine how I do small stuff like this).

Everything was normal, the jeans fit me nicely and I was ready to take off the last one, but I guess the leg of the jean was way too tight. I had some difficulty taking it off, so I used my left hand to try to get it off my foot and then my thumb slipped and then... crack! That's the sound I heard while I felt this acute pain coming from my nail bed. When I looked, my left thumb nail was bleeding (more blood than in this pic, believe me). The crack you see is on both sides of the nail with only .5cm in the middle holding my nail together.

I completed my purchase and went straight home to fix this mess... I had to put on acetone (ouch!) to remove nail polish and then cut my nail...not completely, I still can fix this split with resin and silk wrap until it grows out my nail bed. I cut my nails half length of what they were and that's it.

So, yeah... that's what can happen when you have long nails, you can injure yourself when you least expect it. This hurt so much but I handled it nicely, my bf was so surprised I wasn't crying.

I'll show you my new nail length next time ;)

Have you had an accident like this while trying to grow your nails long?

♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥

Monday, July 1, 2013

Follow me through Bloglovin' ;)

I forgot to post this notice in advance...
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