Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nabi Crackle Swatches

Hello dear readers! And welcome new readers!

First of all, if you are a previous reader of my blog, you may have noticed that my blog has a new image. I want to say thanks to Nailed it. for designing the banner of my blog. I never imagined it would be this cool!

Some of you may  remember a previous post about my Super Nail Polish Haul in which I got 12 Nabi crackle polishes. I absolutely love these crackles! That is the reason I swatched each color. More pictures below...

(Pictures can be enlarged)
I knew these nail color wheels would come in handy!

1. Nabi Crack "Rose" over Maybelline "Pink Sombrero"
2. Nabi Crack "Mocha" over China Glaze "Sunset Sail"
3. Nabi Crack "White" over Kleancolor "Black"

4. Nabi Crack "Pastel Blue" over Ulta "Smoke Screen"
5. Nabi Crack "New Lilac" over Essie "Nice is Nice"
6. Nabi Crack "Sky Blue" over Rimmel "Pink Punk"

7. Nabi Crack "Sand" over Kleancolor "Dark Brown"
8. Nabi Crack "Bright Purple" over Essie "French Affair"
9. Nabi Crack "Angel Lavender" over Prestige "White"

10. Nabi Crack "Black" over Kleancolor "Metallic Green"
11. Nabi Crack "Silver" over Kleancolor "Black"
12. Nabi Crack "Yellow" over Nabi "Neon Blue"

13. Nabi Crack "Yellow" over Prestige "White"

I decided to dedicate a post to these crackles because this really crack, I have used the Cherimoya crackle and those cracked but not as good as the Nabi ones. Overall, I'm satisfied with all these colors except silver because it did not cracked as good, and yellow because it is sheer over dark colors as you can see in nail 12 but it looks fine in nail 13 over a white base.

What do you think of my swatches?

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  1. wow! those are really pretty colors! so many different shades and OMG! there is silver cracking polish! so nice!

  2. They look great! Love the colors too! ♥

  3. I'm not normally a fan of crackles but that yellow looks SOOO pretty over the white!

  4. I love your new look! These crackles are just awesome! I'm such a fan of them!

  5. Ohh they're nice! I only have one black crackle but haven't given it a shot yet

  6. I really like these! The colors underneath them are very lovely as well. I've never seen a brown crackle like Mocha, so I'm loving it :)

  7. woah Ive never seen so many crackles! gorgeous :D My favorite is pastel blue over smoke screen

  8. I am not usually a fan of crackle polishes but I love these and the colour combinations you have chosen :) xo

    1. I was not fan of crackles either, but I got these crackles relatively cheap and gave them a try. Now I want to get more colors :)

  9. The colors are beautiful and they cracked very good :D

  10. Wow, so many beautiful crackles ^_^

  11. thses looks awesome! i love the black over green, and the browns. thanx for some awesome crackle ideas. im so happy there are still some bloggers out there that love crackle as much as i do!

  12. Bright Purple is a pretty color!

  13. so cuuuuuute! love all of them!
    xoxoxo ;*

  14. love it! this is the first time i saw a Nabi Crackle Polish and it's gorgeous!

  15. Thanks girls for checking this post and leaving comments :)
    I'm planning a blog sale, perhaps I should add some of these Nabi crackles?

  16. I just picked up a couple of the Nabi crackles today- can't wait to see how they work. I like what you've done with them!

    However, the only thing I see when I look at the black over Kleancolor Metallic Green is a Monster energy drink can. :P


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