Saturday, January 14, 2012

Konad Q1 Charming Nail Stamp Plate

After a long time wanting the Konad's Q1 Charming Nails stamp plate, I finally decided to order this plate on Christmas Eve as a gift for myself ; )

For those who may not know about it, a group of nail stamp lovers decided to get together and design their own stamp plate, it all started back in 2010 and they dedicated a blog for this project, Nail Artist United. It took some time for their dream of having a nail stamp plate created by fans to become a reality and finally, in 2011, Konad UK produced the Q1 Charming Nails plate. You can read all about it here. The plate, Charming Nails, was named after the creator of the designs featured in this plate, you can visit her blog here.

This plate is limited edition and I did not want to wait any longer to own this beautiful stamp plate, who knows for how long it will be available...

 I ordered this plate on Dec. 24 and arrived in January 9, I bought it at Cesarsshop for one plate it was 11  EUR (Now it is 8 EUR1!) including shipping which is roughly 14 USD. The shipping was very affordable, 1 EUR mailed as letter. Overall, I'm very satisfied with their service and the speed of shipping. 
Here is how it arrived, all the way from Finland. The envelope had bubble wrap inside and was very well packaged .

I cannot wait to play with this stamping plate :) Thank you for reading!


  1. omg! I think $14 for just one i.p. is kinda expensive! But the images looks really cute :)

  2. Oh wow nice looking plate. I may have to order it :)

  3. The stamping plate is so cute >< It's kind of expensive though, but the limited edition aspect makes it so tempting!

  4. Oh I do think it's a tempting plate to get but not on my "needs" list :( I'd love to see what you do with the stamp though, the prints look adorable.

  5. I just bought this stamp and m83 which I wanted FOREVER! I can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  6. Never seen this one before! I really like the lightning design :o

  7. Just ordered one from Australia! Cant wait to get it! I am too excited!


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