Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nail Art Mail!

This is all the nail art mail that I got this week, I ordered these things around the same time and they arrived a few days apart. 

I love receiving little packages...contents below:

I ordered a bunch of nail stickers and a package that has 10 baggies of tip guide tapes for only a couple of bucks.

Nail deco! in each of the little kraft envelopes were these baggies of nail art decoration. As you can see, there are: pink and white roses, bows, polka dot bows, metal masks, and metal crowns.
(Pictures can be enlarged)

And last, I got a set of 600 European short false nails and nail swatch wheels. I have natural nails, but in my free time I like to decorate false nails sets.

 *As an extra note, I would like to point out that I got these nail art stuff on eBay at very affordable prices,  for example, I bought the nail deco for 1 dollar each baggie and the nail stickers cost me 6-10 cents each ;)
Naktsmeita asked me where I got it, I will add this info here in case other girls ask.
-Nail stickers: You can find these on ebay, just look for Nail art stickers, then sort by price, lowest first and click the auctions only tab. You will find hundreds of nail stickers on auction for only cents each sheet.
-Nail tip guides: here
-Nail deco: look for 
Pink Spots Bowknot Design
Charming White 3D Flower Resin Nail Art
Fashion girl !3D Pink Rose Resin Nail Art3D
Crown Shaped Rhinestone Metal Decoration
Beautiful Silver Bowknot Rhinestone Metal Nail Art
Cool Silvery Golden Face Mask Design Nail Art Sticker Metal
**In case you search for nail deco using these keywords and don't  find anything, try again, these are sellers list on auction regularly.
***I bought all of these things and paid in full with my own money. I am not trying to promote any seller. I am just passing this information to those who find it relevant.

Thank you for reading!


  1. What a nice haul! I love nail mail too >_<

  2. Nice!!! I know how you feel about getting the packages. It's like getting presents. Only you paid for them, lol.

  3. cute bows and crowns. where did you get them? i want too

    1. I got all of this on ebay, just look for:
      -Nail Art 3D Crown Shaped Rhinestone Metal Decoration 5Pcs
      -5pcs Beautiful Silver Bowknot Rhinestone

  4. Wow your nails are always so long that I couldn't tell if they were natural or fake, but now I know :P
    You received so many packages but that's all you got? LOL

  5. Wow...thats a lot of packages...and more to come!

  6. So much nice stuff! I love ebay!

  7. Thanks for such a great post. I finally got around to doing some searches based on your tips and I scored a bunch of good (and inexpensive!) stuff!

  8. Awesome haul! Just wondering where you found the short false nail sets? I have been looking for that type but all I can find on the evil bay are ones that are already separated. Thanks in advance!

    1. Search on ebay for 600 European whole short false nails and you will find those in many colors :)

  9. hi dear,
    i need false nails set like the one you post here.."linked together"..
    do you have any idea where can i find it?
    i've searched on ebay for your keyword but didn't find anything!

    1. Dear anonymous,

      Search for "600 European Nails" on Ebay and you will find it. I will leave a link just in case:

      Hope this helps ;)

    2. thanks alot <3

  10. Really nice haul! Nail art can be quite an expensive hobby, can't it. But usually my bad conscience "fades" very fast. ;) Greetings :-*

    1. Yes, like in this haul, the stuff was inexpensive but then, each dollar adds up... ;)


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