Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Silver and Gold Meteor Shower Nail Art


I want to show you some more "Meteor Shower" nail art I did on two sets of false nails.
Click here for the tutorial if you would like to see how I did this on my natural nails.

Here is the silver version:
More details below.
 (Pictures can be enlarged)
  For the silver meteor shower I used:
-1 coat of China Glaze "Millenium"
-Nabi Crackle nail polish in "Black"
-Love & Beauty holographic glitter top coat.
-Various shapes of silver glitter.

Here is the gold version:
 For the gold meteor shower I used:
-Kleancolor "Metallic Yellow"
-Nabi Crackle nail polish in "Black"
-No brand - gold holographic glitter top coat.
-Various shapes of gold glitter.

What do you think about this nail art? Which one was your favorite silver or gold?
♥Thank you for reading♥


  1. these are so creative and amazing! i love them both for different reasons!

  2. I think the silver is my favorite! Only because I'm not a fan of gold xD

  3. Hmm...both are beautiful! I always choose Gold over Silver :)

  4. Awe! i seriously like both versions and gold and silver!!

  5. Wow... fantastica nails, I loved the silver ones!

  6. This looks cool! I love both versions.

  7. Amazing!!
    I really like the silver one! :)

  8. hey Bunny :) I like the silver version more (though both ones are great) Btw did you cut your nails already? I remember you mentioned it before did you? Anyways, I'm lookin forward to see more of your great works and thx for your comment! Love..

  9. Wow these are amazing! I like the gold! x

  10. Silver ! Only cos gold doesnt look good one me . I love both ^^

  11. i love them both totallyyyyy...super!!


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