Monday, March 26, 2012

Meteor Shower Nail Art Tutorial

Hello again!

Today I want to show you a very simple nail art that I called "Meteor Shower" for the insane (in a good way, of course) amount of glitters that I put on my nails. This is also a tutorial because you will see all the steps for this nail art look.

 Pictures can be enlarged

1. Paint your nails with a metallic/chrome or holographic silver or gold nail polish.
In this case, I used China Glaze GR8 from the OMG collection.

2. Apply a black crackle nail polish and let it dry.

3. Apply a clear top coat that is not fast dry, this is important for the next step.

4. Use chunky glitters in gold or silver color, the more variety the better.
As you can see, I have big hexagon, circle, star, hollow star and small hexagon glitters.

5. While the clear top coat is still wet, apply the glitters randomly or in order and add the quantity you like. 
I always start with the big hexagons then apply the stars and circle glitter and finish with the small hexagon glitter.

6. Apply the glitters to all of your nails.
(Can you see the glittery mess in the background of the picture?)

7. Apply 1-2 layers of  clear topcoat to make sure the texture is not rough.
I applied a coat of Gelous topcoat, let it dry a little bit and added Out the Door fast dry topcoat
(any thick consistency clear topcoat + a fast dry topcoat will do the trick)

Anecdote: The day after I did this nail art I went shopping and I saw a mom and daughter whispering to each other and looking at me. I thought they were saying something bad about me, so I walked away from them. Then, the mom stopped me and asked "Who did your nails?" I said "I did them" She was very surprised when I said that these were my natural nails. Maybe she thought that I was wearing acrylics? Is that good or bad? :)

What do you think about this nail art?

Thank you so much for reading! Your comments are always welcome  ♥


  1. I really like this. I feel like I am kind of over the crackle look, but adding the glitter is really pretty!

  2. Wow i love this! I love how you added glitter to it xD

  3. Una manicura muy orginal y bonita!! Me gusta mucho el resultado :)

  4. I bet this was good =) ur nails are so gawjus, have to love them!!

  5. wow! The result is simply amazing!

  6. I love this effect and how you can do many things using crackle polish besides just wearing it plain. Your nails are amazing and I think the lady was giving you a compliment...Thanks for sharing :)

  7. This mani is insane (in a good way!)!!!

  8. I love the tutorial! & that happened to me when I was pregnant yet mine weren't even as long as yours!

  9. What a bright idea! Love ur bling-bling nails! So pretty!

  10. I love the glitter over the crackle!!! Cool idea!!

  11. Simply gorgeous! Your glitter mani came out so perfect~
    I think I already knew they were your natural nails, but they still surprised me! You keep them in such great condition, it's a pleasure to look at.

  12. Hey Miss Bunny!

    Amazing!! Really, every time I visit I am always blown away! The way you paint is so perfect, no mistakes ever! I would be like that mom/daughter and wonder who did your nails too!! It is so impressive! The finished produce really looks like you're ready for a night out :)

    As for walking in heels, it is easier to build your way up. But if you get something with a platform it is usually easier/more comfortable (like a Pump). And I always try to get something with a bigger heel for better balance. Also booties are best because it goes up higher around your ankle, it gives you better stability and balance (compared to just pumps without ties). And I try not to get something that has a high angle (pitch) because if it's a too high angle, it will hurt walking over time (very quickly) if you're not used to it.

    And I always practice on carpet first with new shoes :X And ALWAYS go Heel to Toe!! :)

    I used to be so intimated of heels but then I started trying them on at the store to get a feel of the height. I would do a few practice steps in the store to get another feel too!

    The one I had on my blog is tall but it's only about 3 inch heel!! I think you will do JUST fine!!

  13. Wow, just wow! And I tagged you for the 11 Questions tag! You can see the post here:


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