Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Short Nails!

Hello Dear Readers!

I want to show you how I finally cut my long nails a couple of weeks ago.

Well, my nails are not too short but still is drastic change.

This is the reason why I had to cut them... I have two serious split nails down to the nail bed. I thought that if I leave my nails long like these, I would really hurt my nails one day...

My nails will grow up long eventually, for now I will enjoy my shorties : )

This is the first manicure I did adter I cut my nails.
I used Kleancolor - Holo Chrome as the base.I painted the half moon design and stamped a puzzle pattern from XL A plate using China Glaze - Millenium. Sorry about this crappy picture. This design was really hard to capture.


  1. I am sorry about the splits on your nails, I hate those... Your nails are still long and I love the design!

  2. those are still some pretty dang long nails! You can't even see the white tips on mine since I chop them off every few days for the violin.

  3. You still have alot of length and they are still gorgeous. Love the design :)

  4. omg! but they are still super long. awesome mani!

  5. Your nails still look really long even when they are short now! Stamping looks great as always!

  6. Your nails look great! I love the manicure you dd.

  7. YOur nails are still very long. Love the mani you did. It looks very pretty!

  8. Your "short" nails are my "long" nails xD Frankly I like your nails like this even more ^^ And your design looks great, makes me wanna do a half moon manicure too. XoXo

  9. Oh sorry to hear that. I loved your long nails!
    How come you never show any toenails? I'd love to see some tips on how to keep long and pretty toenails!

  10. super gorgeous


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