Monday, September 26, 2011

"Rocker Chick " nail art tutorial

It is been many days since I made a post, so I want to make it up by posting a tutorial for a "Rocker Chick" nail art look.

I made the tutorial using a set of false nails, of course you can get the same look on your natural nails. It is easier for me to take pictures at false nails rather than at my own nails by using my right hand to take pictures of my left hand. Pictures always end up blurry 'cause my hands are kind of shaky hahaha :).

Here is the look:

Now with the tutorial...

Before starting with the tutorial, here are all the materials I used:

1. Paint your nails with a black color

 2 . Using fine glitter nail polish, paint from the base of your nail to the middle, it looks like a gradation, but it does not have to look perfect .

3. Now with the steps to decorate the "accent nail" as I like to call it. It carries the "Rocker chick" theme. Here are some steps to make the skull and bones. I used Kleancolor in  "Pearl silver". Start off by making painting a circle, then paint the bottom of that circle with a square bottom. Draw two crossed lines using a fine brush. At the ends of the lines, put two dots to make the bones.With a black color, paint the eye sockets, nose, and the likes of the teeth.

4. On this step, I used big and small silver hexagonal glitter to make a cross. I also used stars to put at random. If you don't have these kind of glitter, you can use rhinestones, half pearls, studs or draw dots and stars with nail polish.

5. I skipped some details you can see here. I used rose nail stamp from Bundle Monster BM 14 plate and stamp it using China Glaze in Millenium. I also used a nail art paint from Kleancolor in "Got bling bling" to draw random lines.

Here I tried the nails on my hand so you get a better idea of how they would look.

I hope you like my tutorial and can serve you as an inspiration to decorate your nails. If you use this tutorial, don't forget to show me a pic of your nails ;)

Should I make more tutorials like these?
Which nail art look would you like me to make as a tutorial?


If you like my post or have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment :)
I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

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