Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Nail Polish Haul

Hello readers!

As I posted earlier in my first post, I said something about being a nail polish addict, and I'm still one. I wish I could stop but there are many cute colors that keep coming out and I want to have them. It is not my fault. ;)

Well, last week I ordered a bunch of nail polishes from Forever 21 taking advantage of the Labor Day free shipping offer they had. I noticed that they had a line of glitter nail polishes just like the ones from L.A. Girl Glitter Addict line. I can't resist buying glitter polishes so I had to have them. I also bought a few others from them that are not so glittery.
I also went nail polish shopping at two of my local flea markets.
Here, all the nail polishes I bought:

From Forever 21:
Names from left to right: Golden Girl, Black Knight, Glitter Magenta, Penny, Shimmering Turquoise, Pink Sparkle.

Names from left to right: Sparkling Red, Sparkling Confetti, Gold Dust, Disco Ball, Shimmering Purple, Glitter Blue, Sparkling Ocean.

Names from left to right: Gold Dust Glitter, Safari, Shimmering Silver.
From flea market: Milani nail polishes ($1 each!)

Names from left to right: Magical, Spellbinding, Mantra, Glitzy Stars, Bare in Mind, Key Lime Shine, Bare to wear.

More NYX Girls nail polishes ($1.50 each):

Names from left to right: Mushroom Glitter, Girly, True Navy, Perfect Gray.

Cherimoya 2012 crackles ($2) and Kleancolor ($1):

Names from left to right: Immortal, Eternity, Pearl Silver, Bridal Shower.

I seriously need to go on a nail polish ban for sometime, I don't not how long I can resist.

Do you have a beauty product addiction that you can not resist buying more? Which one is it?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice haul, I like Love and Beauty polishes, not bad and they have a good variety of colours. I like "sparkling confetti", I'm really into multi glitters right now.

  2. Ellie- ADDICT? Tell me about I'm I :( n e way ur blog came across while looking at some colors :) I have 5 Nyx, 1 luv & Beaty, 2 ch. Glaze, 2 Vic. Secret, 5 sinfull colors, 1 kl. Color (luv the colors) but I found that sum don't F***n dry };'( and the rest are O.P.I (lost count on those) :) ....... Lov ur collection. Is there nail laquer REHAB?? [ayuda]

  3. Ohhh 1 ? How r the cherimoya laquers?? I've seen around.


  4. @Anonymous
    For fast dry, I use "Out the Door" Fast dry top coat. It is sold at Sally's Beauty supply and CVS. This is the only top coat that I use, so I bought a giant bottle hehe. No nail lacquer rehab for us. hahaha

  5. @Anonymous
    Cherimoya crackles work great they are comparable to other crackles such as China Glaze or OPI, but at a lower price. They are also available in 48 different colors.


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