Monday, September 8, 2014

OPI - The Sky's my Limit

Hello dear readers!

I'm back with swatches of OPI - The Sky's the Limit. This nail polish is part of OPI's collaboration with Ford Mustang which celebrates its 50th anniversary.
(I wont comment more on that because I am pretty much clueless about cars, etc...I wish I was, but I'm not -_-).

This is the only shade that I picked from this collection because honestly, it was the only one that caught my attention. It is sparkly and the color finish is very interesting...I'll elaborate more on that below...

The Sky's my Limit is a shimmery blue with metallic finish. It also has a fine gold and green shimmer that shows at certain light but not easy to capture in photograph.

Now, here's the gold/green shimmer I was talking about.
It gives this nail polish such a summer, beach-y flair to it...

...and this is why I stamped some scales to it, reminds me of a mermaid's tail.

Did you  like OPI Mustang collection? Which one did you choose/ would have picked?

♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥


  1. Super pretty color, it looks almost like a foil finish to me :)
    Love your long nails, missed looking at them so much!!

    1. Good to see you back to blogging too! ;) Thank you ♥

  2. El esmalte es precioso (me enamoró desde que lo ví) y el estampado que has elegido le queda de lujo :)


    1. Sí, creo que alguna decoración o estampado en tono dorado le va muy bien a este color ;)

  3. The color alone doesn't stand out too much to me but I totally love your stamping with it! Very beautiful. <3

  4. The color does remind me of automotive paint, but not Ford, more like the late 60s Chevy Malibu blue. In any event, a bold color like this looks fabulous on such beautiful long nails - very striking. And yes I'm in awe of the perfect lines of your stampings...they always are flawless.


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