Friday, September 12, 2014

Cute Forest Animals Nail Art + Review - Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hello dear readers!

Today I'm posting a manicure I had on a few weeks ago...

This is my second time trying water decals for Born Pretty Store and this is the result. I will add more details on what I did for this manicure, so keep reading ;)

I started with 2 coats of OPI Glints of Glinda as my base.

To add some dimension to the nail art, I stamped random dots pattern using various pastel colors from the Sally Hansen Insta-dri line. They work beautifully for stamping ;)

Now starts the fun part, using the decals.
You can find these decals at Born Pretty Store through this link.
*Don't forget to use my 10% off coupon code: FDB10

I cut all the designs that I found cute for my manicure...

Put the cut out design on tap water for 15 secs.

Take it out, blot some of the water and slide the decal, proceed to put it on your nail.

I find that putting the decals on top of a nail polish base that's slightly fresh, yet dry to the touch, makes it easier to apply. Apply all the designs and arrange them to your liking. After that, use clear topcoat to protect your nail art.

I really liked these decals as they have lots of designs for long nails like mine. Or if you have short nails, then you'll have lots of decals that will last for many manicures ;) They are fun and easy to use.
*This product was sent for me for review purposes.

What do you think of this nail art? 
I think the designs look like cute animals out of a children's book.


  1. Me encanta el resultado.

    Te ha quedado muy dulce y coqueto :)


  2. aaww pls *-* I love your nail art! And the stamps are very cute <3

  3. This was a much more involved process than what I perceived looking at the pics on FB.
    As always, superb craftsmanship. I must say the OPI base coat all by itself is an extremely elegant look for you. ♥

  4. The final result is so sooo cute :)

  5. Love Glints of Glinda <3 Such a beautiful polish!
    Your stamping in combination with the decals look so pretty! Absolutely love it!


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