Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skeleton Nail Art - Tutorial

Hello dear readers!

I've been busy with everything regarding the stamping plates that I released recently. If you follow me through FB or Instagram, you know by now. If not, then you can take a look at the plates here or purchase directly through my store.

Now, let's get into Halloween mood, shall we?...

This nail art is very easy to do and no stamping is needed. All you need is nail polish and a dotting tool. (Pictorial below)

For this nail art, I started by applying Moda Bleu by Barielle, part their Me Couture collection .

Now, here's the fun part...
You start by painting  1 or 2 white lines along your nails. If your nails are long, then 2 lines is more appropriate. Then, proceed to put two dots, side to side on each end of the line. Repeat this on all your nails.

As you can see, this nail art had a shiny finish, but I thought a matte finish would look better.

I applied a matte finish top-coat as the finishing touch. 
Better, right?

Extra pic...

I hope you like this nail art. I think it is very easy to do and would go perfectly if you wear an skeleton-type of Halloween costume...Grim reaper, for example, or to compliment your sugar-skull look on Día de muertos. If you don't have long nails and you would still like to wear nails that way on Halloween, you could paint a set of false nails ;)


  1. Quedan chulísimas! Ideales para Halloween Jajaja Saludos!

  2. Your nails got long so fast :) Amazing! Love the nail art!
    Btw, your new stamping plates are super cool! Great job!

    1. My nails always get too long before I realize :D Thank you ;)

  3. great tutorial, these are awesome and perfect for Halloween!


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