Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OPI - Today I accomplished Zero - Swatches and Review

Hello dear readers!

Today, I dedicate a post to show you swatches of  Today I Accomplished Zero by OPI,

This nail polish is is part of the Coca Cola Collection, and this specific color represents Coca Cola Zero.
I've been drooling over this one since I saw the press release pictures and the moment I saw it in store, I grabbed it and then to the counter. I remember looking at the other colors from the collection and explaining my boyfriend what each color represented...I just get excited when there's a color or collection that I like so much.


As you can see, it is a black base, with pink glitter. 
It totally represents Coca Cola and the effervescence of the drink.
Formula-wise it was a bit sheer because it is a jelly base, but 2 generous coats were enough for opacity.
I love glitter nail polishes but they are such a pain to remove... It is nice having sparkly nails, but then comes the dreaded moment of removal...sigh :/

Do you like/own this nail polish?
Which one is your favorite from this collection?

♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥


  1. Nice color, it looks like plum with black grapes marmalade. So delicious!

    1. Thanks! Maybe the glitter and dark color adds certain marmalade texture...I like plums :D

  2. Very elegant! The color has a "depth" that is amazing, even in a photo.

  3. It definitely represent coca cola! Love the color as well! hihi And yeah, I get excited to when I'm talking about polishes xD Are we weird? haha


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