Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tiger Print Nail Art

Hello dear readers!

This time I just did a simple tiger print on my nails... I'm not into animal prints... but I used a gold nail polish that was calling for something wild and I thought, why not?

I started with a nail polish by Icing called Golden Rule.
It is a gold color with foil finish and holographic micro glitter.
*You can see a 15 sec. video swatch of this nail polish here.

I stamped the tiger print with Kleancolor black using stamping plate QA25 
(Available for purchase in my online store)

As I said previously, looks a bit too wild for my taste especially on this nail lenght... Rawr!! But it's always good to try something different...

What do you think of this design? Too wild? :)
♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥


  1. Oh! Yes~ This polish is beautiful by itself and with a tiger stripes! Love both ways!

  2. Your nails leave me breathless!
    Sincere compliments for the patience and for the very good technique you use to paint them! :-)

  3. I like the gold base! Like you said, Rawr ;-)

    1. Yes, too much on the wild side :D Thank you :)

  4. Very pretty color combo! Your nails are so long!!

  5. These look awesome! Perfect design for your nails!

  6. This is really wild and I love the combo! I think your "claws" represent the tiger very well ^^

    1. Thank you dear! I had to be a bit more daring to wear this type of design :D

  7. you did a perfect job, i LOVE these!!


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