Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ninja Polish - The Midas Touch - 24K Gold Flake Top Coat

Hello dear readers!

Today I want to show you some watches of The Midas Touch, a 24K yellow gold top coat by Ninja Polish.
A few days after wearing OPI St. Petersburgundy (read review here), I thought this gold leaf topcoat would look great on this red color.
It was couple of months ago that brands such as Zoya or OPI released topcoat with gold leaf in it. 
I thought it looked luxurious and beautiful, but I was not willing to spend $30 on any of these... I would rather buy a bunch of nice nail polishes ;)
Then, I was very surprised when Ninja Polish came up with their Gold Wasser collection for only  fraction of the price.

(All pictures can be enlarged)

I used 2 coats of  The Midas Touch to get this much gold flake. I really liked that I did not need to fish for the flakes, the brush delivered the right amount for every nail.

This topcoat is available at for $15 each, they have a gold and silver version.
I will show you swatches of the silver version in an upcoming post ;)

Have you tried a gold leaf topcoat or would you like to try it?

♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥


  1. Awesome combo of red and gold! Looks perfect together!

  2. The gold is gorgeous and compliments the stunning red perfectly!

    1. Thank you! I just saw your blog pic with goldleaf on top of turquoise nail polish, that's a great combination too :)

  3. i really want a gold leaf polish! it looks stunning over red!

    1. Gold leaf can look stunning over any dark color ;)

  4. I like it!! I finally used my gold flake top coat and I like it!! It uses up so much though. I was sad that I couldn't find the Sephora one when they had it on clearance at JCP :(


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