Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ice Cream & Candy Nails

Hello dear readers!

I would like to show you my stamping manicure using the full-nail design from Q1 plate from Konad that I bought last Christmas .

This is the second time I use this lovely plate. This is what I came up with this time:
I started with white nail polish as a base. For the colors, I dabbed dots of pastel color nail polishes onto a makeup sponge and pressed the sponge on my nails to get this effect. I stamped the Q1 full nail candy design using Kleancolor in black and finished with Out the Door quick dry top coat.

An extra pic with outdoor light.

Thank you for reading♥♥♥


  1. Fun colors, I have this plate too and really love it ~

  2. Gorgeous! Was the image large enough to do your whole nail? Or did you have to double stamp? If you have to double stamp - what's the trick? I always seem to mess it up and things turn ugly when I have to stamp more than once to cover my whole nail. Thanks for your great blog! -d

    1. I had to do some double stamping on the tips of my nails. This type of design is easy to double because is not a symmetrical pattern. In this case, I just positioned the stamper on the empty space of my nails and pressed the design ;)

  3. aww so cute, make me wanna have some ice cream right now! >///<

  4. Wow! Seems like that is a very huge image! Perfect stamping result, lovely nail design!!

  5. Whoa I love that gradient! Your stamping is flawless as well, I have issues covering my nail when it's 1/5th size of yours! You've got cat-tacular claws :D

  6. super cute! love what you did to your base =]

  7. OMG, I wish I had that stamp :) Why are your nails so gorgeous?
    Dulce, I nominated you for a blog award <3


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