Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forever 21 Nail Polish Mini Haul + swatches

I want to show you some nail polishes that I bought from Forever 21 online store.

I've noticed that this store is selling very cool glitter nail polishes recently and couldn't resist to buy these beauties:

(All pictures can be enlarged)
Names from left to right: Crystal Pink, Tinsel Town, Crystal Confetti, Confetti Crush and Pink Speckled

Crystal Pink: pink shredded glitter
Tinsel Town: multicolor bar glitter
Crystal Confetti: Chunky multicolor hexagonal glitter
Confetti Crush: Multicolor shredded glitter
Pink Speckled: Flakies and small glitter in fuchsia jelly base (some say is a dupe to OPI - Lily I Love You)

Swatches from left to right:
Crystal Confetti, Confetti Crush, Crystal Pink, Tinsel Town and Pink Speckled

I love the variety of glitters that F21 has released. I can see myself frankening with some of these. The price for these nail polishes is only $2.80 + tax, very affordable considering that I've seen very similar glitter polishes for triple the price.
What I don't like is that the names of the polishes are only in the online store, not in the bottles. For example, the multicolor glitters are called "Crystal/Multi" in the bottle label. Please stick nice names on the nail polish bottles, F21.

Do you like chunky glitter nail polishes?

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  1. Me gustan todos!!
    La verdad es que es una alegría encontrar esmaltes bonitos y baratos :)

  2. I didn't knew this store, thanks for the information, they seem amazing.

  3. Cool! Looks like I need to go check out my local F21!

  4. I've always wanted to try out F21's polishes but they always seemed a little sketchy~ thank you for the swatches now I know they're good quality polishes!

  5. My friend just told me about the F21 polishes and how good they were! I'm so surprised they seem really awesome!

  6. I love the choices that you picked! Do you have a F21 nearby? I hate ordering things online when the cost of shipping almost equates the cost of my order D;

    My favorite from your batch are Crystal Pink and Tinsel Town. I went to F21 a few weeks ago to grab some nail polish but for some reason the fire alarm went off (I didn't see any fire) and so the store closed for the day -__-

  7. I like yous nails polish!!!

  8. Great post! You have such a nice blog :D


    I'd love to follow you if you could do the same for me <3

  9. Hey sweetheart! Miss seeing ur nails!! Wow! so nice glitter haul! Very different shapes!!

    Hope U're doing great! Have a nice weekend!


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