Monday, August 1, 2011

Nail polish finds

Here are my nail polish finds from the past week until last Sunday, July 31.
Most of them were purchased at 2 of my local flea markets and a few of them at a nail supply.

I will indicate the names of the nail polish and the prices too.

Kleancolor nail polishes $1 each
Colors listed from left to right:
228 Chunky holo candy, 232 Chunky holo clover, 229 Chunky holo poppy, 162 Metallic yellow, 167 Metallic purple, 160 Metallic orange, 164 Metallic aqua, 216 Sparkling mulberry.

Comments: there are 9 colors from the kleancolor chunky holo collection, I have 6 of them, i have yet to find chunky holo scarlet, teal and black. I really want to try the chunky holo black, I guess I have too look for it again at the flea market (they are only 1 buck each!). The metallic ones, I really recommend for stamping because they are very pigmented.

Nabi nail polishes $1 each, all crackle polishes $2 each
Colors from left to right: Nabi- 50 Rock mania, 8 White, 118 New gold pearl. Nabi Crackle - 9 Baby lavender. Bonita crackle - 01 Black. Cherimoya 2012 crackle- 39 Pontious pilate, 18 Eternity, 17 Innocence and 19 Apocalypse

Comments: There are many affordable nail polish brands that are coming out with their line of crackle polishes. I wasn't sure whether to buy them or not because of the bad experience I had with the Kleancolor Crackle polish which are an absolute fail. When I saw brands such as Cherimoya, Nabi or Bonita collections of crackle polish I was skeptical about spending my money on polishes that would not work.
After trying them, I must say that I am impressed. These three brands are not only affordable but also offer a wide arrange of colors of crackle polish and what it is most important, they are quality polishes that do what they promise, crack! Yes, I love the crackle effect on them. I will try to post some swatches very soon.

Last but not least

Colors listed from left to right: Essie - Nice is nice, Sand tropez, French affair ($1 each). OPI My private jet ($6). China Glaze GR8 ($4), Gold hologram top coat ($3.99). 5 stars silver holographic glitter ($1.50). CM Disco Flares ($1.50).

Comments: Yes! I'm happy that I could find some Essie nail polishes and only a buck each. They were the only three available at a flea market stand and I just had to buy them, hehe. My family says that I'm a nail polish addict, maybe they are right. the other polishes were purchased at a nail supply. I'm glad I went there because I could find the only OPI My private jet and GR8 from China Glaze OMG collection. The rest are glitter nail polishes that I found while browsing the store. I love glitter nail polishes but I'm very lazy when it comes to remove them, they are such a pain, a glittery pain. The last one on the right which is called Disco flares is a lovely fuchsia jelly with glitter and applies wonderfully with only one coat. I will swatch it later.


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