Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diamond - Lacquer Lust

Hello dear readers!

Today I want to show you swatches of Diamond by Lacquer Lust. This nail polish is part of the Holo Birthstone collection.

Diamond is a light grey color with a holographic finish. Very neat color, a cream yet holographic.
I've never seen this type of nail polishes on mainstream brands. I have to say indie brands such as Lacquer Lust really put an effort in releasing original nail polishes.

Application-wise, I am very pleased once again with this brand. This nail polish is very opaque. 1 coat was enough and no dragging or streaks whatsoever. Also, this one works for stamping which is another plus for me. I'll try to do a manicure using this color for stamping.

Next time, I will start showing Valentine's day themed manicures.
♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥


  1. This polish looks really nice! The holo effect is really pretty and it looks stunning even without nail art on~

  2. What a wonderful color. And with just one
    Glad to see small companies producing a great product.
    Of course how could they get a better display than on the fabulous nails of Bunny!

  3. Indie brands are the most beautiful ones! I'd buy much more but the shipping is always so high :( Diamond looks great!

  4. Really loving this color!
    The fact that it's a cream as well as holographic is what intrigues me.
    You had a good point when you said it would work perfectly with stamping...oh the possibilities!
    Looking forward to how you'll incorporate it into future designs :)


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