Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nude Nail Polish: Natural by Nabi

Hello dear readers!

Today's post is dedicated to another favorite nude nail polish. Natural by Nabi brand is my go-to nude nail polish for my toes. I rarely wear bright colors there other than nude tones. Maybe I prefer to focus on my finger nails, but that's just me. Anyway, this is a color that I also like use on my finger nails because nude tones are always a favorite of mine.

This is the bottle of Nabi - Natural. As you can see, it is a peachy nude with some beige tone.

Application-wise, this nail polish is very good. No streaks, or dragging. If applied evenly, it can be a one-coater. For the $1 price tag, this can be very impressive. 

 Extra pic of this color.

Not much to say about this color other than it's one of my favotire nude tones together with Palm Springs by American Apparel and Fashion Safari by NYC.

What's your favorite nude tone nail polish?

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  1. A mí me ha dado también últimamente por los tonos nude jeje. Me siguen encantando los colores llamativos pero creo que los nude tienen muchas posibilidades :)
    Los otros dos que mencionas son también muy bonitos.
    Por cierto, tengo muchas ganas de probar la marca Nabi, sólo que comprarla online sale muy cara. Suerte que las tenéis tan accesible allí :)


    1. Aquí se pueden conseguir facilmente en los mercadillos al aire libre. Botellas y más botellas de Nabi y Kleancolor que ni te imaginas :D

  2. Aww I have such a weakness for nude polishes *_* And this one is amazing!
    The bottle looks quite interesting actually haha
    My fav nude would be elf's nude or essence's iced latte (which they sadly don't sell anymore) or kiko's nude. Cheap and pretty and I can use them as skin colors for my character designs haha :D

  3. This is such beautiful creme nude polish!! Lovely!
    I like plain nail polish for my toes at winter time too :)

  4. I'm not sure I have a favourite nude...I wear them occasionally for stamping base but never alone...I like brights/bold/colour too much too!

  5. That is a pretty nude, I don't have a real nude.


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