Thursday, November 21, 2013

New: HD and BuNa Stamping Plates

Hello dear readers:

If you are stamping plate fanatic like me and you have tried my previous HD A-D plates, then I hope you all will be excited to know that I just released HD plates E & F which features mostly Christmas designs and a few for Thanksgiving and New Year. Also, I'm thrilled to show you my new stamping plate series BuNa. BuNa plates A & B feature non-holiday related designs. Perfect for your everyday nail art needs ;)

Without further ado,here are the images and pictures of these 4 new plates:
(Scroll down for details and ordering info)

(All pictures can be enlarged)
BuNa A & B
 HD E & F

Plates are available for purchase now
*Please note this is a pre-order. I am expecting to get the plate shipment on my hands by Nov. 29th and I will start packaging and shipping your orders by then.
You can purchase through my online store: or directly through this link:
The price for each plate is 17.99 USD and free worldwide shipping on these plates.
The size of the plates is 14.5cmx9.5cm and the full nail patterns measure 2.5cmx2cm. All patterns and designs are sized to fit on both, short or long nails.


♥♥Thank you for reading♥♥


  1. I love those patterns! Lovely stamping plates :)

  2. OMG! I still haven't ordered your halloween plates and here is already new HD! Have to hurry up! Those are such amazing plates!

  3. Already ordered plate B. Wish I had some extra money cause I would have got them all!!

  4. Well I guess I better get to placing my order .I really want them all ! What sould I do :-(

  5. These are awesome! i wish I had the money to buy all 4. Maybe I'll get a early christmas present...

  6. Estás nominada para el reto Hi5 con tema el espacio. Pásate por mi blog para ver los detalles ;)



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