Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holographic Skittle Manicure and Stamping

Hello dear readers!

This is my first post after my painful thumbnail breakage... as you can see, I managed to keep some length.

It's been months since I purchased my Color Club Halo Hues collection and still they were sitting unused in a dark corner of my nail polish drawer. This time I thought it was a good idea to put 5 of them to good use and do a skittle manicure.

The Color Club colors that I used are as pictured on the pic below from left to right:
 Cosmic Fate, Over the Moon, Kismet, Eternal Beauty, and Angel Kiss

I stamped a pattern from my Bunny Nails HD-A plate using Kleancolor black.

Both of my hands, can you believe I took this pic myself? :-)

What do you think of my attempt on the skittle manicure?
♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥


  1. To be honest, when you posted about your nail breackage I really wanted to see the full mani :P
    And it looks really nice!
    Btw, what stamper do you use for such nail length?

    1. I used the black XL stamper, the same I sent you previously. The trick to using it is to press your nail onto the white stamper. If your nail is still too long, you can take out the white part and stretch it before transferring the image.

  2. really xlnt..
    so cute ...,
    so beautifull ...,
    so sexy ...,
    so nice ....,
    so tempting ...,
    so and so so so so awesome ....

  3. Absolutely stunning, Wonderful job!


  4. I love your nails,and the stamping is gorgeous!


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