Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Challenge: Crazy Neons

I'm back again!

As always, I seem to take breaks in between posts. I've received very nice and encouraging emails from long nail lovers... All I have to say is Thank you so much!
I sincerely appreciate every lovely message. I have more manicures and swatches for upcoming posts ;)

This is a belated post that I was supposed to post around Feb. 17th for the Crazy Neons challenge on FB group AIS.

As I told you, this is a manicure from a month ago, as of now, my nails are even longer :p It is getting more and more difficult to stamp a full nail design on my nails...

For this manicure I used:
Base: Barry M Gelly - Grapefruit
Stamping: Kleancolor - Black
Stamping plate: HD B

I hope you like this nail art.
♥♥Thank you so much for reading and for leaving a comment♥♥


  1. Like always I love your designs! Glad you're back ^^ Can't believe that your nails are even longer now, I mean this is already long *__*

  2. Thank you! You'll see how long my nails have gotten on my upcoming posts ;)

  3. I like it! I can't wait to see how your nails are now ;)

  4. I still can't stamp a full design on my nails but look at yours - WOW! So perfect!


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