Monday, October 1, 2012

Jade Holografico Haul + Swatches

Hello Dear Readers!!

I have an overdue post today showing  you my Jade holographic nail polish haul that I purchased at Ninja Polish. Some swatches below too ;)

From left to right: Hypnose, Verrmelho Surreal, Energy, Fascínio Violeta, Delírio Rosa
There are 10 different colors from this collection, I will take pictures of the others later ;)

I think that at $7.50 a bottle is a pretty affordable holographic nail polish collection. The linear holographic effect is impressive!
Another plus from these nail polishes is the opacity, I only needed 1-2 coats and the brush is very good to apply even coats. I think once I finish one of these bottles I will use it to pour my favorite clear top coat in it ;)

Now to some swatches... No, these are not my nails (My boyfriend agreed to swatch these colors hehe)
Long story short, it was in a day I was feeling down and to cheer me up a little bit, he let me paint his nails. Too bad he immediately removed the nail polish once I took some pictures...

Now here is my swatch of Delírio Rosa, a barbie pink holographic polish.
These are pictures from a month ago. Yes, my nails were crazy long, I cut off some length now.

Now a romantic swatch...? I don't know... I really like his hands, he should do some swatches for my blog from now on!

♥♥Thank you so much for reading♥♥


  1. i cant believe you boyfriend swatched ! mine refuses to let me paint more than his pinky nail and it can never ever get put on my blog, and i have to take it off right away :(

    1. I know XD this a special case, just because I was feeling sad. Painting his nails and taking pics brightened up my day a little bit ;)

  2. woooow!! bellos todos, me enamoré de los 2 azules!!!

    1. La colección completa es de 10 esmaltes y todos son chulísimos! A ver si uno de estos días uso esos 2 azules ;)

  3. He is so sweet to let U paint his nails :)

    Amazing colors! Beautiful swatches!

  4. I would love to have Hypnose and Energy for my self and Fascínio Violeta for my daughter. I love the pink on your beautiful nails!

    1. Thank you :-) You got to try Jade nail polishes! You'll love 'em ;-)

    2. Thank you :-) You got to try Jade nail polishes! You'll love 'em ;-)


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