Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sally Hansen - Blush Diamond Holographic


I want to show you swatches of one of the nail polishes I bought in a blog sale I posted earlier.
I was able to get two bottles of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Blush Diamond. The bottles are slightly used but I don't mind because it is such a gorgeous dusty pink holo.

 Pictures can be enlarged.

It took two coats to achieve this opacity.

Look the holographic shine in the bottle:

An extra pic.

Do you own any of the holos from Sally Hansen Nail Prisms?

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  1. This is really a pretty color!! :)

  2. The color is wonderful!! I think it is perfect for spring! And so feminine. Are those your real nails? I am a little embarrassed to ask! But wow, they are CRAZY long!

    - Josie, 8-bit grayscale
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    1. Yes, these are my real nails :)

    2. Ms Bunny,
      wow!!! That is AMAZING!! How do you hold things or type?! You should post a video of you doing mundane every-day things because I am genuinely impressed! (I am a nail biter so mine are always short)

    3. I type with my nails, I got used to it as my nails grew longer.

  3. My holographic similar than this is a Milani gold holographic nail polish

  4. The shade looks perfect on your nails :D

  5. Coincidences are so awesome! I JUST closed the bottle of my Blush Diamond after doing a quick pedi, then clicked on your blog to what was new.

    Great minds...we think alike!!!! Lovely swatch!

  6. woah! i miss to wear holo..
    i love the prism collection of sally hansen, too bad that it's discontinued.. :(

  7. I have purple diamond and must say it's an amazing holo, I actually love the SH prisms line and have contemplated buying a set on ebay for so long now but putting it off. Seriously wish this line was still made, a lot of the colours are amazing.

    And a dusty pink holo, love! Then again I just about love anything dusty pink.

  8. The holographic shine is amazing. I don't have anything like this in my stash yet as I haven't been able to find one that I like but this is beautiful.

  9. ewww ugly colour, ugly nails! how can you think THAT looks beautiful??!!

    1. ewww? How childish can you be? I don't really care if you like my nails or not :)


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